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Respect is the fundamental regulator of Novo Dementia.

Each person is expected to respect every other person, whether or not these people are citizens. The government is required to give respect to every other government. The government is required to give respect to all people, citizens or not.

By "respect" we do not mean the expression of deference that an inferior gives to a superior person. By "respect" we mean the fundamental sense of equivalence, honor, and mutual sovereignty that one person shows another person. We are all insane, we are all children of God, we are all living in a world we do not understand.

Citizens of Novo Dementia are asked not to get involved in attempting the overthrow of the governments of other nations. Citizens of Novo Dementia should properly channel their revolutionary energies to Novo Dementia itself, changing the government of Novo Dementia as will be necessary from time to time.

Because Novo Dementia claims no land territory, every citizen of Novo Dementia lives in the territory of some other nation. The citizen should be especially respectful of the government of the host nation. The citizen should remember that he is a guest in that territory; that he has no right to be there. Because Novo Dementia claims no territory, a citizen seems to have no right to be anywhere. You are a guest, wherever you are on Earth; act like it. Be respectful of the host government, consistent with the social mores of the people around you. Blend in. If you don't like the country you are living in, move to some other country. There are well over a hundred nations on this planet that claim territory. Find one you like.