Andy Canfield
Information Management Systems

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Andy is an anarchist. That is, he believes that that society functions best which relies the least on a government. The more society uses government to carry out it's normal functions of regulation, expansion, security, economics, etc., the more problems that society encounters.

Because Novo Dementia has only one citizen so far, it is not clear what the governmental structure is. Was Andy elected by Andy? Is Andy a king? Is Andy a dictator? If we ever get another citizen, we'll have to work it out. Andy thinks he will acquiesce to any constitution approved by an absolute majority of the citizens (not just those voting).

The primary need for some sort of government will arise in dealing with other governments. Such functions include:

  • Nation to nation diplomatic relations
  • Representation in international bodies such as the U.N.
  • Representation at international conferences
  • Registration of ocean going vessels
  • Issuance of passports

The legitimate government of Novo Dementia has a PGP encryption key pair, consisting of Novo Dementia's PGP secret key and Novo Dementia's PGP public key. You can learn more about PGP at PGP's international web site. Whoever controls Novo Dementia's PGP secret key is the legitimate government of Novo Dementia.

That was the plan. Except that I lost the key.