Resume of Andy Canfield

Legal name: Andrew Jay Canfield   City: Banphai, Khonkaen, Thailand
Passport: U.S.A.
Birthdate: 28 July 1948   Web:

Recent Experience

Since 1990 I have been in Thailand doing business support software. I have been responsible for the entire software lifecycle, including specification negotiation, detailed design, hardware and software selection, data communications (often over unreliable channels), unit testing, integration testing, staff training, and long-term maintenance. My work includes material tracking, product purchasing, quality control, accounting, and payroll.

2005 - 2015  Adams Enterprises Ltd.
5/26-29 Adams International bldg.,
Soi Saladaeng, Silom Rd.,
Bangrak, Bangkok 10500
Telephone: +662 234 6523
FASEMAT: Hybrid Seed Management Information System
OPAL: Organic Produce Management Information System
1996-2009  Adams International Ltd.
Soi Saladaeng, Silom Rd.,
Bangrak, Bangkok 10500, Thailand
Oriental Tobacco Purchasing and Mangement
1994-1996  Tilleke & Gibbins
Bangkok, Thailand
Management Information Systems
1991-1994  Action World Wide
Bangkok, Thailand
NOMODAC Accounting Package
1990-1991  Chulalongkorn University
Bangkok, Thailand
Professor, Computer Engineering Department

Past Experience

Before I came to Thailand I had over twenty years of experience in California-based companies. I have been programming since 1968.

Computer languages:
  Algol, Basic, C, C++, Cobol, Drupal, Filemaker, Fortran, FoxPro, HTML, IBM 360/370 Assembler, Intel assembler, Java, JavaScript, Lisp, MLisp, MS-DOS batch, Pascal, PHP, PL/I, RPG, Smalltalk, Snobol, Spitbol, SQL, and Linux shell script.

Formal Education:
  Master's Degree, Operations Research, Stanford University, 1973
Bachelor's degree, Computer Science, University of California, Berkeley, USA, 1972
Certified Information Technology Professional, NECTEC, Thailand, 2001

Some of my web sites:
  A few personal pages at
  OPAL at - try user 'demo' with password 'omed'
  Adams International Ltd. at


Ewan Chung
ewan at adamsel dot com
Adams Enterprises
4th Fl, Lake Rachada Office Complex
193/23 Rachadabhisek Rd.
Klong Toey, Bangkok
  Jim Griggs
Field Department Manager
Adams International Ltd.
116 Rachakandamnern Road
Amphoe Muang, Roiet 45000, Thailand