Fundamental differences between men and women

Many of the differences between mwn and women are learned cultural differences, like clothing styles. But some cultural differences arise from fundamental differences. Equalitarians beware! You ignore the fundamental differences at your peril.
  1. Women get pregnant; men don't.

    Women seem to be less agressive than men. If a girl gets into a fist fight when she's pregnant, she can lose the baby.

    When a man and a woman make a baby, the woman's pregnancy takes nearly a year; the man's half of the job took only a few minutes. You can always know who the mother is (she's the one lying on the table screaming her head off); you can't be as certain who the father is. This is probably why traditional cultures such as Aeabia exercide tight controls over their women.

  2. Men need an erection to have intercourse; women don't.

    The man must WANT sex, the woman need not. This is the reason why an evil man can rape an innocent woman but an evil woman can not rape an innocent man.

    It may also be the reason that you often see a women selling sex to men, but you rarely encounter a man selling sex to women.

  3. Men grow beards; women don't.

    Most cultures demand that a man be clean shaven, or nearly so. It's a pain in the ass to have to shave every morning. Medical science, please make me a pill that prevents my beard!


It is almost impossible in English to talk about a person without revealing whether they are male or female. But I did it in the preceeding sentence by using "they are" rather than "he is" or "she is" or, worst of all, "he or she is". How did it sound?