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Consent of the Governed
Andy Canfield
Information Management Systems

Consent of the Governed

Security? Development? Resource management? Investment? Protection? Negotiation? Responsibility?

It's Tuesday night. Gotta sign up with a government again. Who this time? Costa Rica, I think. Tonight my family and I will be citizens of Costa Rica.

We can skip the mandatory interview; we went through that last March. Language test, drugs test, background check, we all came out OK. My son's Spanish is weak but he's only 8 years old so he gets a waiver - the free online schooling will help him catch up.

Medical care? It all comes from the local hospital here anyway, just like police cars and fire trucks. Costa Rica will pay for cheap medicines; expensive drugs like anti-HIV stuff is not available. Sign up with Sweden and it's all covered, but their taxes are sky high. Or sign up with USA and pay cash for everything.

Signing up with Costa Rica automatically routes our home burglar and fire alarms to the Costa Rican government, which will relay the signals to the local police. Of course the signals don't actually go halfway around the world; they go to some office in Vanilla Manila which handles all of Latin America.

So you see, the functions of government divide into three categories:

  1. LOCAL stuff, like police cars and piped water, are handled locally but through the government yiu sign up for.
  2. SERVICES are decided by your chosen government; Russia includes everything; USA nothing.
  3. MONEY and TAXES are set by your chosen government.

Passport? Maybe a UN-issued global ID card.