I have fathered a number of children over the years. This is a list of them in chronological order.

I lived with Yvonne Hopkins for about five months. We broke up, and I paid for her airplane ticket back to New York. A few months later, in August of 1968, I was living with Grace in San Francisco when I received a letter from Yvonne. In it she "apologized" for my unborn baby. When she got to New York City she found she was pregnant, and she got an abortion. It must have been about April 1968. Grace thought that Yvonne was just asking for money, so I never answered the letter. But I have to assume that Yvonne was telling the truth.

Heather Tani Canfield (Mother: Grace Kinuyo Tani Canfield) Born 15 January 1977. Now lives in Lousiana. Now married, no babies yet, maybe next year.

Christopher Leonard Canfield

(Mother: Grace Kinuyo Tani Canfield) Born 16 December 1978. Now lives near Boston. Now married. Chris as his own web site at

American people have middle names but Thais do not. On the other hand Thai people have nicknames that often have nothing to do with their formal names, but an American child's nickname is derived from the kid's formal name. Thus "Christopher Leonard Canfield" has the middle name "Leonard" and the nickname "Chris", whereas "Jakkrit Canfield" has no middle name but has the nickname "Richard".

Alee Canfield
(Mother: Manee Butawong, "Nok") Born 7 January 1992. Alee's nickname was "Alee"; She died when she was 2 1/2 years old. She has a web page here. Curiosly enough, her name in Thailand was "Aree", but her mommy, from Kalasin, pronounced the "R" as "L" so her American passport is for "Alee", not "Aree". On her grave stupa in Kamphaengphet it is carved as "Aree Canfield". As far as I know Nok has never seen Alee's grave; Nok was in prison when it happened.

Rosesokon Canfield "Rose" (Mother: Jenjira Pongsua "Jen") Born 23 April 1997. Jen and I had a stormy relationship, so when she got pregnant we gave the foetus the name "Payu", which means "Storm" in Thai. But it proved to be a girl, so Jen changed it to "Payudee", good storm. However, a few years later after we broke up she changed the kid's name to "Rose". The kid is living with mommy and her sisters down in Phuket Thailand with a new farang husband.

Mary Canfield (Mother: Jenjira Pongsua "Jen") Born 2 March 1999. Nickname "Mary". Just before Jen gave birth, she asked me for a good American name for the girl. I gave her the name "Mary", the name of the mother of Jesus, and also my sister's name. Now they are all living down in Phuket with Jen's new husband.

Jakkrit Canfield ("Richard") (Mother: Anonglak Ngoktong "Aw") Born 23 April 2003. Aw and I wanted to name the child "Richard". But the Thai government is sticky about boys having Thai-style names. They would not accept "Richard", so mommy had to give him the formal name "Jakkrit". However he has always been known by the nickname "Richard". Today (January 2015) he is living with his mother and her new partner in Australia.

Wing Canfield (Mother: Chaliao Jokram) Born 17 August 2007. Wing's nickname is "Wing". I worked for many years for a man named Wing Chung. He is a good businessman. If a company cheats you out of some money, typically your boss will tell you that it's company policy, or it's the law, or they can't help you. Wing would reach into his pocket and hand you the cash. He did it with me twice. I respect him so much that I named my son after him. Funny bit - we decided on this months ahead of time. Then he was born, then we left the hospital and went to the government office to make his birth certificate. It was then I realized that I did not know how to spell "Wing" in Thai. So I had to telephone Wing Chung's secretary in Bagnkok to find out how to spell my new son's name.

That's Wing on the left, with his mother Chaleo.
That's Richard on the right, with his mother Aw.
The big ego in the middle is me.

If you know of any other children that I fathered, please tell me. Thank you.