My father was Leeonard Ellsworth Canfield. He was from Bettendorf, a suburb of Davenport, Iowa. He was born in 1914. His parents, my grandparents, lived in a big old house on the top of a hill. Obviosly with a name like "Canfield" my fathers ancestors must have come from England, but I know nothing about where or when.

In America at work men are known by their last names. So my father was known as "Canfield" to his colleagues.

Canfield worked for the US Federal government in Cleveland Ohio in an outfit known as "Defense Contract Procurement". He was an inspector. When the Defense Department (the Army) would buy bombs, he would go out to the factory and watch the bombs being put together, to ensure that when they were dropped the bombs would explode. Bombs, gyroscopes, guns, whatever they bought, he would inspect.

An atomic bomb consists of a hollow shell of Plutonium, surrounded by conventional explosive devices. When all the explosives go off at exactly the same time, the shell implodes, squeezing the Plutonium into a tiny blob. The nuclear chain reaction goes runaway, and you get a nuclear explosion. I suspect that my father had a small contribution to inventing the first atomic bombs.

A year or so before World War II ended, my father took some kind of leave of absence from his job and joined the US Navy SeaBees. "C.B." stood for Construction Battalion. He was stationed in the South Pacific. He travelled there via Los Angeles and spent the next 15 years talking my mother into moving to Los Angeles.

I remember one summer the whole family, four of us, moved to Huntsville, Alabama for six weeks. We lived in a trailer. He was working at Redstone Arsenal Eventually Russia put the first astronaut into space in April 1961. The US had to catch up as quickly as possible. The first American astronaut, Alan Shepard. rode into space atop a modified Redstone rocket in May 1961. Redstone Arsenal, Redstone Rocket - I suspect that my father made a small contribution to the Space Program.

In the spring of 1960 my father took a cut in pay and transferred to Pasadena, California. I was 12 years old; my sister was 16. It was a major culture shock for my sister and me, like going to sleep with Mozart and waking up with the Rolling Stones.

After a few months in a rented house we bought the house at the top of Candia Circle (641 Candia Circle, La Habra, California). We were just north of Beach Boulevard. South of Beach Boulevard were bare hills. At night, standing in the backyard, we could hear the coyotes howling to each other on those hills. A few years later those hills were covered with houses and the coyotes are gone. On a clear day, from that same backyard, you could see a mountain they called "Old Baldy" standing alone to the northeast. That's when the L.A. smog wasn't too bad. But after a few years the smog was bad almost every day, so we hardly ever saw Old Baldy any more.

My father lived in that house until he died. My mother lived in that house until she died. I don't know who lives in that house now.

My father continued as an inpector for Defense Procurement until he retired. My father died in the late spring of 1976 while I was stationed in Central America. He's buried in La Habra, California; I attended his funeral. I inherited nothing from him; it all went to my mother.

I have no picture of Leeonard; he died before phones had cameras.


My mother was originally named Clara Helen Sundberg. Mother She changed her name to "Canfield" when she married my father. She always went by the name "Helen", For exanple "Helen Canfield". She also was from Bettendorf, a suburb of Davenport, Iowa. She was born in 1917, she was three years younger than my father. Her ancestors were Irish.

My mother died in July 3, 2013 when I was living in Thailand. She was cremated and buried in August next to her husband Leonard. I did not attend her funeral.

She left an inheritance of 25,000 U.S. dollars each for her son Andy, her daughter Mary Anne, and Andy's two children in America, Heather and Chris. But Mary Anne hated my mother so much that she refused her share, so I got two shares, 50,000 dollars.


I had one elder sister named Mary Anne. That's "Mary Anne", two words, but not a first name and middle name. She won't go by "Mary" or "Maryanne". There are some hints that my parents named her "Mary", with "Anne" being a middle name, but Mary Anne doesn't use it like that. She's always been four years older than me. born March second 1944. My parents had only two children, me and Mary Anne.

In high school Mary Anne discovered sex. Mary Anne had a hot twat. But she was traditional. So she would marry the guy, one at a time, and change her last name to his. Her maiden name was of course "Canfield". But later she married these men: I cannot be sure that that is the complete list, there may have been one more between Gladfelter and Hall. Quote from a letter from her: "I am 58 years old, I have been thru hundreds of men.". Apparently after Mr. Hall she stopped changing her name.

Mary had one child, "Jimmy". Jimmy was killed while playing in the street as toddler. he was backed over by a garbage truck. His mother saw it happen. Mary Anne was devestated; she never had another baby.

I have no picture of Mary Anne, she's catatonically shy. Mary Anne is still alive, living in a suburb north of Los Angeles.

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