In the summer of 1993 I was a regular visitor to the Suzi Wong gogo bar on Patpong Road in Bangkok, Thailand. The bar was laid out with a large square stage in the center, big enough for various "shows", stools around it, and couches around the outside against the wall. But right by the staircase (this was an upstairs bar) there was a corner area with a table and couches. The corner area was dark. I usually sat down in the corner area. Instead of buying the ladies' attention with money, I would stop by a store on the way there and buy packages of sweets that the Thais like. This got me lots of attention and plenty of pleasant company.

Her name is pronounced exactly like the English word "sawn". "Yesterday I was sawing wood; the wood has been sawn."

I started to notice Sawn in particular. She was a hunk. She was small and strong and full of baby fat. A magnificent body.

Sawn often did shows. One show she did regularly was the ping pong show. If you've never seen it I'll describe it to you. Sawn would come out with a tray containing a glass with several ping pong balls. She gets up on the stage and takes off all her clothes. Then she takes the ping pong balls out of the glass and sets the glass between her feet. She inserts a ping pong ball into her pussy. WIthout using her hands she ejects the ping pong ball and it slids down her thighs into a cup. She does that four or five times and that's the ping pong show. Tourists from Iowa are amazed at what they have seen; farangs living in Bangkok think it's kind of silly.

One evening I knew I was interested in Sawn and I happened to be sitting where she passed me on the way to the stage. She did the ping pong show and left the stage. As she went past me I reached out and she stopped. I took one of the ping pong balls from the glass and popped it into my mouth. She smiled.

A few weeks later one thing led to another and a lady absolutely wanted to go home with me. But I wanted Sawn. So I took both ladies. We went to my hotel room and got naked and started wiggling on the bed. The lady wanted my cock in her but I refused. I refused twice and she finally had to admit that it was Sawn, not her, that I wanted. But Sawn seemed to not know about these things. I lay on my back on the bed with my cock up in the air. Sawn squatted above me. The other lady had to hold my cock in her hand so that Sawn could sit down upon it. Sawn was not a virgin but she was pretty new at this.

Every night for four more nights days I took Sawn out alone. We would go to my hotel room and screw. But it was very expensive. After five nights I was seriously short of money. My entire treasury was down to some five thousand baht. So I put it all in an envelope. I wanted Sawn to see that I could not keep paying her so much money. I wanted her to see that I was broke. I went to Suzi Wong and Sawn came over and sat next to me. I showed her the envelope and told her to count it. She said "I'll count it later" and ran off with the envelope. Oops. A few minutes later I heard her voice from across the room exclaimed "He gave me five thousand baht!" Oh well. Money comes and money goes. I kissed the girl, paid my bar bill, and left, alone.

I had one hundred and forty baht remaining, and I was due to be paid in five days. So I spent twenty-five baht a day for food. Don't look back. I made Sawn happy. I tell people that sometimes I have a little money and I can eat. Sometimes I have a lot of money and some girl comes along and when she goes the money goes with her, and I am left with a little money and I can eat. It is good for a man to have been poor; he no longer needs to fear poverty.

Sawn was certainly new at this. She was from the north of Thailand. She may even have been a lesbian. But she was a hunk of a gal.