Saitong Jakram

saitong_jakramI met Saitong when her husband was still alive, but he was dying and he knew it. He had just bought the Apache Bar on Soi Cowboy for her. Jim and I want in, and were there for a while. When we went across the street to another bar, Saitong when with us. A bit later we returned to Apache. Saitong's husband said to me "If you take my wife out of the bar you have to pay a bar fine!" I replied "I didn't take her, she followed me!" Years later I learned that, at that time, he had prostate cancer and could no longer have sex. He had been encouraging her to go out with men she liked, but she didn't want anyone else.

After Jen, after the Farang Connection Discovery, I became a regular at Apache Bar. I would show up once a month and, usually, some lady would spend the night with me. Finally Saitong herself tried me out. Six months later, after other ladies, she and I wanted to get together again. But this time it was more serious. She wanted to be considered my "MIA NOI", the Thai word for a mistress. OK with me.

Eventually she took me to her village. She was such a nasty lady to her mother, I finally just walked out of there and caught a bus back to Bangkok by myself.

The most wonderful thing Saitong every did for me was to hire Chaliew as a cleaning lady.

You may notice inconsistancy in her name. Her formal name is usually spelled "Saithong". But with Thais the "TH" indicaes a hard T, not TH as in "THIS". So I spell it "Saitong" to keep the world more accurate. Actually, she was known as "Tong". But since the word "Tong" means so many things in Thai, I think of her as "Saitong".