Four hours south of Bangkok is a resort town named Hua-Hin (Hu-Wa-Heen). I arrived one Friday night about 9pm. A couple of hours later I was walking by the railroad tracks when a lady approached me. She was in her 20's or 30's. She pointed to some nearby slums and said "Pai Bahn. Bump-bump."

"Pai Bahn" means "go home", yours or mine or someone's. It didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what "Bump-bump" means. I had been hurt by a lady who spend a few hours with me and then demanded payment, so I asked the price. She thought and said "300 baht" (12 dollars). So the lady wanted to make love, and she also wanted 300 baht. Could I give her both? Considering my finances, I answered "OK".

I went with her, we got acquainted. Her name was "ONE PEN". Eventually I gave her 300 baht and left. She asked me to come back the next day; I would not promise.

The next afternoon I walked past just thinking about her and wondering if she were outside waiting for me. She was outside, and came running. We spend some time together. I gave her another 300 baht. But I liked her. I said "Oh, what the heck.", took the 300 out of her hand and gave her 500. She was tickled, like I had just declared my love for her, which in a way I had.

While she went to get some food for me, I looked around her home. This was one room, no electricity, just a candle. One wall was a cement block wall, the others were plywood. She had a tin roof, in the warm Thai sun it was hot.

Up on top of her clothes closet I found a little book. It had dates and numbers. The last date was the day before, when I met her, and the number next to it was "300". Other days had numbers like "65", "50", and "80". Apparently this girl was the local friendly lady, one of the gals who took care of the local boys when they were between girlfriends or down on their luck.

She slept with me Saturday night, and I left Sunday. I came back the next weekend. She now had electricity, obviously thanks to my largess. She had a florescent light, and we went out and bought her a fan. The heat was much more tolerable that day, and she was happy.

We were together on and off for about a month. She had never been to Bangkok before, so I took her with me. Here I was, a foreign visitor, playing tour guild to a Thai in her own capital city. She gave me love, and affection, and some trinkets, and gonhorrea. I dragged her to a doctor and got her cured.

Finally it ended, as all such affairs must some day. Naturally, while she was my girlfriend I supported her. I was not her first man, and I certainly was not her last. She had no other means of support that I could detect except the money that other people, other lonely men, gave her. A man can rent a wife for twenty years or twenty minutes. OnePen lasted about a month.