Jenjira Pongsua

jenjira_pongsuaWhen Jen and I met, she already had a cute little daughter named "May".

Jen and I were together, on and off, for five years. We broke up many times, our relations were stormy. But I discovered that Jen was the only person who knew me who really cared about what happened to me. Oh, of course, my co-workers were friendly and considerate. But if I were happy, if I were sad, deep down they didn't really care. Jen cared about me. I cared about her. That's why we managed to come back together.

Our relationship was stormy. That's why, when our first baby was coming, we chose the name "Payu"; it is the Thai word for "storm". But when the baby was born, the baby was a girl, and Jen chickened out. She claimed that you could not name a girl "Storm". I insisted. We compromised, gave her the formal name "Payu-dee", meaning "Good Storm". But we still called her "Payu" as a nickname. A few years later, after we broke up, Jen renamed the kid "Rose".

Jen and I had another baby, another girl. Jen had the baby by an operation; she did not go into labor. She asked me for a 'farang' (American) name. The baby was to be born on March second, the birthday of my sister Mary. So I gave the baby the name "Mary". She is still named "Mary". I have a sister named "Mary", and a daughter named "Mary", both born on March 2.

After we broke up, Jen met this nice guy named "Steve". They are married now. All five of them live in Phuket, Thailand. I am occasional contact with Steve, I helped Steve with his work. At first it was to help him be successful and so help take care of the kids; however, Steve is now my friend and I'd help him regardless of who he's with. I never see Jen any more, although I have their family picture.