I met Gay-oh when she just turned 14. She was living in the slum area where I was living, a place called "The Swamp". She was the biggest kid there. Typical kid, running around, playing, etc.

Sometimes Gay-oh's mom and other ladies in the slum would go to Patpong in the evening to sell flowers or something. They would walk around the streets there, peddling to the tourists. Gay-oh and the other kids would often tag along, running and playing well into the night. Nobody got upset if they fell asleep there; Patpong is a community, and there is always someone there to keep an eye on a sleeping kid. She was a nice kid, sweet, friendly, liked to smile with a cute, somewhat lopsided smile.

And Baby Became Woman. When Gay-oh got older she got interested in the gogo bars that she had been running in front of. Next I knew she was dancing inside.

Like most of the ladies on Patpong, she changed bars every few months. I saw her once in a while even after I moved out of The Swamp. Several times we left the bar together (my paying the bar fine) just to go and eat. I knew her for two or three years. One time, when she was working in Super Queen, she took me into the back room and tried me out sexually. But she must not have been impressed with my performance because she never did that again.

She told me that her mother had twelve children. I asked her how many fathers; she thought a bit and said "seven". She wasn't being corrupted by Patpong; she was following an old family tradition!