Farang Connection Discovery

This was a landmark in my life. I had always tried to be single-ladied. With one exception, a hooker from Peru in 1976, I had never had sex with one lady while I was having regular sex with another lady. Farang Connection Discovery was my changeover.

In 1996 I was living with Jen. In June I tried to break up with her but she wouldn't leave. In August we learned that she was pregnant, so of course we had to stay together.

As part of my job, every month I went to Bangkok for a few days. So it was in October of 1996. The newspaper said that the owner of Farang Connection gogo bar in Nana Plaza was having a birthday party. That night I was in Nana Plaza, noticed the festivities, and went in.

I sat on a stool near the door, near the DJ. A little gal came up to me and held me. Of course I bought her a drink. She held on to me for an hour or two. By the time it was time to leave, I didn't want to leave alone. And yet all my training had led me to believe that it would be wrong to take her with me.

I prayed to God like this. "God, if you don't want this to happen, please stop us. I know that you can stop us; you've done it before. If there's anything wrong with this, stop me. Please." She got her bar fine and we went away together. I was in a fairly nice hotel that night. Over and over again I kept praying "God, are you sure this is all right? Because I'm not at all sure!"

We got to the hotel room. I took a quick shower first. Then I came out and lay in the bed, naked, while she went into the bathroom and showered herself. Even then I was praying "God, are you really sure this is all right?"

Then she came out. The lights were dim. She was naked. She crawled into bed. She was face up on the side of the bed; I was in the middle, on my side, facing her. She said and did nothing; I said and did nothing. After a few seconds she pointed to her pussy and said (in Thai) "You want to fuck?" I answered "I want a hug". So she rolled over on her side, facing me, and put her arms around me and gave me a big hug.

Wow. That wonderful hug led to equally delightful sensations.

After we rubbed bellies, she got up and cleaned up and got dressed. She wanted to go to Thermae, a notorious "after hours" bar where horney Thai ladies and horney farang men meet each other after the gogo bars close. Apparently I could not satisfy her; whether sexually or monitarily I don't know. Whatever the case, I gave her some money and she left.

In the years after, I lived in Banphai with Jen and May and Payu and every month I would go to Bangkok for a few days. On many of those trips I spent the night with some lady. This lady, this discovery from Farang Connection, started it all.