There was this lady...

When I was in the fifth grade I had a crush on Margaret Ann Folis. I made an appointment to go to her house one afternoon when school was out, to play together. My parents were quite excited, especially my dad, treating it like my first date. They took me out to buy a box of candy to take to her, and they drove me over to her house. She had dark hair.

When I was in the sixth grade I was sort of sweet on another girl, but I forget her name. Susannah or something like that. In the middle of the sixth grade we moved to California and all the rules changed and I went into shock which I did not come out of for thirty years.

In the seventh and eight grades it was Karen Elisabeth Heinz who had my devotion if not my hand; she probably never even knew I had a crush on her. I remember that even then, at the age of twelve, I did not yet know that men and women were built different, physically. My parents hid it from me, too embarrassed to speak. My ignorance was astounding.

In High School I was dazzled by Carole Burleson. As Juniors (16 years old) she sat in front of me in Math class. I remember she had a favorite dress, buttoned in the back, and as the year went on I watched that dress get tighter, and tighter, and tighter, and it drove me dizzy.

Even in my freshman year in college I was still a virgin. Some opportunities came and went, but I could not figure out the formula. After a year in college I hitchhiked to New York City.

Yvonne Hopkins cured my virginity. Yvonne was the first girl to kiss me, the first girl to make love with me, the first girl to sleep with me, the first girl to live with me. We stayed together for half a year. We've since met again on the Internet, and are friends. More about Yvonne Hopkins

Kathy with a 'K' was second. A three week affair in June 1968, the same month that Robert Kennedy was assassinated, Kathy, a fat lesbian divinity student was the only Caucasian I have ever made love to.

Grace Kinuyo Tani [Canfield] was my wife for nearly twenty years. We had two beautiful children together. I met her in June or July, 1968, and our marriage came apart during 1987-1990. A little more about Grace.

Peru Hooker was a gogo dancer in San Jose, Costa Rica who came to my hotel room one night in March 1976.

Christine Phan was a Vietnamese refugee who worked in a California massage parlor. She was my friend and my girlfriend for almost a year. But she lied a lot. She would tell different lies to each person, and I couldn't keep track of what story she had fed each of our friends. More about Christine Phan

Francie Smith was a half Mexican half Japanese hooker I met in Reno Nevada. She came to California; I knew her for a week or two. If Francie had a million dollars, she'd still spend her time bumping like a bunny rabbit. More about Francie Smith

At this point I moved to Thailand. In Thailand, as in America, you only fall in love maybe once a year. But in Thailand you have a hell of a lot more fun while you're waiting.

Suk (Sukjai PaiTai) from the Love Boat Bar on Patpong 2 Road took me on the first night of the Sonkran Holiday, April 13, 1990. I didn't know where to take her; the guest house I was staying in would not let Thai ladies in the rooms. So she took me to a hotel she knew. We went bump-bump, with a condom. A short time later we went bump-bump again, with another condom. But when I pulled out, the condom wasn't on me. So I had to fish around inside her with my fingers to find the condom. So much for protection.

After a while, I was going to sleep, and she said "OK, I go back now." I said "No! I paid for all night. I want you here when I wake up in the morning." So she stayed, and I slept. About dawn I woke up. She took me to her apartment (I did not realize at that time how very very unusual it was, a bar girl letting you know where she lives.) So I slept some more there, along with her. That night we found a new guest house. A few days later she found me my first apartment in Bangkok. After ten days our union dissolved.

Pramoj, May/June 1990. I met my friend Arthur when I came to Bangkok, and he and I explored the town together. One day we saw a very cute gal walking down Suriwong road, so we followed her. She turned into Patpong Road and went into the King's Corner gogo bar. A few weeks later Arthur had left town and I went into King's Corner and found her and took her home with me. She was with me for a week or so. She was very frustrated because I had lots of traveler's checks but my passport was out getting a work permit so I couldn't cash the checks. When I got my passport back I gave her a bunch of money and she left.

Kay-o - King's Corner gogo bar, lady number #146; ten days

Sulilat - Patpong Street, with the kid named Nung; two weeks

Fat Lady from Sanam Luang park, Happy Birthday 1990; two hours

Pai - one evening I was hanging around a restaurant near my apartment building. The radio was playing some haunting melody. Pai wanted to go upstairs with me, so I let her. Maybe August of 1990.

Bow - I was sitting in the Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant on Patpong road. A lady I had never met before came up to the group. I said "Hello". She said "If you don't fuck me tonight I'll kill you." I paused and said "Hello?" Her body was covered with scars, later I found out that these are the types of scars left over from drug use. Beyond smoking it, less than injecting it, they cut their bodies and rub the drug into the wound. When we fucked she cried out in pain; she probably had drug scars inside her vagina, also. She and I spent one hour in a cheap hotel, and she kept looking at her watch, and so ever since, whenever I make love to a lady, I ask her to take her watch off.

Onepen - I was walking down a railroad track in HuaHin one Friday midnight when a lady came up to me. She said "PAI BAHN (go [my] home), BUMP BUMP". With that context, and the gesture she used, it didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what "BUMP BUMP" meant. She was my girlfriend for a month. Approximately October of 1990. More about Onepen

Alaya was my girlfriend for December of 1990. We broke up just after New Year's. More about Alaya

Ai - I visited Chiang Mai and got laid one night in January 1991.

Nok (Manee Butawong) became my lady in February of 1991 and we broke up four months later. When we broke up we found out she was two months pregnant. Our daughter, Alee, drowned three years later. More about Nok ...

Ocean - After I ran away from Nok I was bummed out on women. One night I bought a stuffed doll and took it to Nana Plaza. A girl from the Sexy Lady bar took the doll and then took me. Her name was pronounced like the English word "Ocean". She took me back to my hotel room and spent the night. I remember that she was my first after Nok, to whom I had been engaged to be married. In the morning, after we made love, she took a ring off her engagement finger and put in on her opposite hand, as if she were Nok giving up on our engagement. One thing was funny. She didn't speak any English at all on Saturday night or the whole night or the next morning. But after she took her shower and got dressed and got ready to go, she sat on my bed, stuck out her hand, and said "Give me money". It was maybe the only English sentence she'd ever learned. I guess it was the important one to her. Of course I gave her some and she left and that was it. June, 1991.

Toi - Safari gogo bar, visited my home in the swamp. She was not impressed.

Juan - I was living in a place called "The Swamp". There was a hole in the wall between my room and the shared bathroom. Juan was sexy and I peeked and watched her taking a shower. Over a few weeks I got the real hots for her. She even took me upcountry once to visit her parents. Then I learned that she was going to go work in Japan, presumably as a hooker. The day she was to leave I got unbearably hot for her and she took me to a short time hotel and screwed me. Afterwards, in the taxi, she said "Give me five hundred baht"; as if the fee was a necessary part of the social etiquette, so I did. She went away and I never saw her again. I hope she made out OK in Japan.

Ni - Pink Panther gogo bar rental unit; two nights nonconsecutive

Fon - Patpong massage parlor; two nights nonconsecutive. I visited a massage parlor on Patpong 2. As the massage went along, the lady and I got hornier and hornier. Finally we went at it. Another night we went at it again, and when she got off work that night she took me to her home.

Noi - met in Chicken Divine restaurant, arranged by my friend, we went to a short time hotel. When we were done I found my wallet in her purse. Angry with me because she didn't get to steal all my money like she planned on doing. For that, I gave her no money at all; as we walked out my friend was standing there and I gave him a thousand baht "Just to prove that I'm not stingy."

Kip - Cleopatra gogo bar, back room. I tell people that I've spent twenty years with one woman, and twenty minutes with another, and that what counts is to have respect and decency while it lasts. I spent twenty years with Grace; Kip is the one I spent twenty minutes with.

Poo - Mike's Place gogo bar, Isan candy; four days

One time I was walking upstairs in the Eve House Guest House and I saw someone I thought I recognized coming down the stairs. I wasn't sure who she was, so I followed her down, out the front, and across the street. She turned to me and said "Andy love Poo?" and then I recognized her. I had spent four nights with her the previous week, and at the time I was very hung up on her. Here it was a week later and I didn't even recognize her!

Ni (Napaporn) - She was my landlady, a Khmer (Cambodian) lady with 3 kids. After we'd been a couple for a week or two, she took me to her home and we discovered that we'd met a year earlier. One day I brought home another lady and when my landlady / girlfriend came to the door and yelled "Hello"; the lady in bed with me yelled "Hello" and the sound from the front door sounded like the growl of a grizzly bear. I had to move out. She and I got back together for a while but finally broke up. I learned a lesson from this. Don't ever screw the landlady. If you do, when you break up you lose both your girl and your home. Actually I figure I have three aspects to my life - my woman, my home, and my job - and I try never to mix them. Never screw the landlady, never screw the secretary, never live in the company guest house. If one changes, hang on to the other two until things stabilize.

Plaaw - The Pink Panther Ni set us up; one night

Gummy - Yellow Bird disco in Udon, chewed gum; short time

Miss Perfect - Topless gogo bar back room; perfect Playboy magazine style body, no personality detectable. I didn't love her or anything, but I figured every guy should fuck a perfect body once in his life, so I did. Once is enough.

Smiley - Topless back room; short time

Nong - Nok (Alee's mother) tried to set me up with Suk, but our signals got crossed and somehow I bumped Nong instead.

Suk - A week after Nong, Nok managed to set me up with Suk. I was staying in a cheap hotel. One night I heard a knock on my door. I opened it and Suk was standing there. She didn't say anything, just looked down the hall. So I looked down the hall. There was Nok. Nok said "She wants to sleep with you". So I said "OK" and I let the lady come in. Alee was present, still sleeping in her crib, so it must have been about March of 1992.

Nok - (another Nok) One time I was taking care of Alee at the Lee 4 Guest House Hotel. There was a gal there who was fond of Alee. In her room, on the bed, Alee was lying there with me on one side and Nok was the other side. I was kissing Alee's right cheek and Nok was kissing Alee's left cheek and we got near the chin and moved up and started kissing each other. She said she was coming from Pattaya, going home to Isan. I had the feeling she was going to settle down with a husband and I was a last fling before becoming a well behaved woman again.

Kratai - worked in Taniya Plaza, I met her walking down the street, she had a baby named Cherry; We were a pair for one week.

Number 72 - There is a tout that hangs out on the south end of Patpong 2. He shows pictures of girls. One time I took him up on it. He took me down Convent Road, across Satorn Road to a huge Chinese whorehouse there. Staring into the glass wall, I picked out lady number 72 because she scratched herself. I never learned her name, but I remember her number. Years later this whorehouse closed down. Shortly after it closed down it burned down, probably for the insurance.

Noi - One Saturday night Alee and I were in the Thigh Bar. One gal was putting the make on me and I didn't much care for it. So I flipped a coin and it came up "No". On a lark I flipped another coin for the mousy quiet one next to her and it came up "Yes". The mousy one seemed to like Alee, so I paid her bar fine and took her home. Her name was Noi. The next day we visited Nok, Alee's mother, down in her Klong Tuey slum. Nok invited her to an expedition the next weekend but Noi said she had to get back to the gogo bar before then. Then Nok paid me a compliment I have remembered ever since. Nok said "Are you crazy? You've got Andy. As long as you're with Andy, you'll never be rich, but you'll never be poor, either. You'll always have a roof over your head and food to eat." Noi loved Alee and took good care of her, but she lied to me so I threw her out. About June, 1992.

Teak - Flash Bar, hungry Isan chickie from Khonkaen; four days

Oi - Takara Sponge Bath; one hour

Gay-oh - A young girl growing up on Patpong. More about Gay-oh

Nok (yet another Nok) - Star of Love; visited for one week

Soam - In November of 1992 Alee and I made a visa run to Phnom Penh, Cambodia. While there, I was seduced by a young girl. I estimated at the time that she was fourteen years old, by my estimate the youngest lady I've ever bumped. She kept doing things with me, then running down the hall to check with her mother to see what she should do next. Of course I gave her money and welcomed her to my room. But when she came by the next morning to ask money to buy food for her kid brother I felt that things were getting too sticky and I ran away.

Pet - Nok brought her to the house in Prapadaeng - home delivery again, certainly not a virgin; three days

Tuoi - Roiet massage parlor

Gung - Pussy Galore, short time

Bubpa - from King's Paradise. After we made love she sat bare-assed on my butt and gave me a massage and it was so sexy I don't remember if the massage was any good or not. As we were falling asleep I told her that the house had a ghost but it was a good ghost. The next morning I learned that she had stayed awake all night long and mopped the floor.

Ant - picked me up in the Malaysia Hotel Restaurant, I was staring at her big tits

Ann - One night in the Honey Guest House. More about Ann

Noi - (yet another Noi) I was sitting outside the Suriwong 7/11, feeling down. I had a crush on Gung, who worked in the gogo bars but didn't want to go with me. Somehow things didn't click. I was sitting despondent when Noi caught my eye. She wanted to know why I had no lady and I said that I had no money. I showed her that I only had maybe four hundred baht and she said I could pay her one hundred baht and it would be OK. So we walked partway. Then I sat down and confessed that I was carrying this torch for Gung. Noi one heard my story and grabbed my arm and DRAGGED me to my hotel room. She spent the night with me. The next morning she asked me for the one hundred baht. I handed her one hundred and twenty baht and she acted like it was one of the nicest compliments anyone had ever paid her. June or July, 1993.

One I didn't fuck is the girl on the cover of "Hello, My Big Big Honey". I met her on the street, eyed her over breakfast, then we went back to my hotel room together and took our clothes off and climbed into bed. But she just didn't seem to want me, and if the lady doesn't want it then I can't do it. So we got dressed and I gave her the expected thousand baht and then she took me to a shoe store and I bought her a pair of shoes and bought myself a pair of shoes.

Sawn was a very sexy gal, full of baby fat, working at the Suzy Wong gogo show bar on Patpong. Five days in July, 1993. More about Sawn

Lollipop Girl - In September of 1993 I was watching the lesbian show (two women making love) at the Lollipop gogo bar at Nana Plaza. Unlike many such shows, where the two ladies wiggle around for the benefit of the customers, these two were really passionately in love with each other. It made everyone horney. It make the lady standing next to me horney. When the music stopped the two lovers refused to stop. Eventually the lady next to me grabbed me and pulled me into the back room. She insisted on my using a condom. We fucked. I don't like condoms. When I withdrew, I found that the condom had broken and was now a strip of plastic around the base of my cock. I took this as a lesson that I have never forgotten: there is no such thing as safe sex. The people involved may think it's casual, but it can never be really inconsequential.

Jen (Jenjira Pongsua) caught my attention in October of 1993. We broke up in the spring of 1994 but got back together again five months later, then broke up finally in April, 1999. Stormy. We broke up and got back together many times. The final break came on April 6, 1999. Over; for sure. Had two kids together. The first we named "Payu", but after we broke up Jen renamed her as "Rose". The second we named "Mary". Jen and the three kids are now living in Phuket with a nice guy named "Steve". More about Jen ...

Khonkaen Gogo Girl came into my life briefly in May of 1995. Jen and I had broken up that spring. Khonkaen has only one gogo bar, and it's kind of amusing because they don't seem to have figured out how to do it properly. This one picked me up and took me to a cheap hotel room and did the usual on me. Plastic adventure.

Warm Wart was a lady who worked at a hotel in Roiet. She was warm and friendly but had a large wart on her nose. August, 1995.

After Warm Wart, Jen and I got back together again. That stopped my exploration of the sexual capabilities of other Thai women. Stopped it for several years.

In June of 1996 I tried to break up with Jen, but she refused to break up with me so we stayed together. A month later she and I were both convinced we were days away from breaking up forever, when we discovered that she was pregnant. So we stayed together for the sake of the baby. However, part of me went on and acted as if we had broken up.

Farang Connection Discovery spent a one night with me in October 1996. I was living with Jen at the time so it was a landmark in my life. More about my Farang Connection discovery

Noi, yet another Noi, was a friendly lady from the Apache gogo bar on Soi Cowboy in Bangkok, Thailand. I went with her during my monthly business trip in November 1996. I tried to go with her again during my monthly business trip in December. However, people were warning me that she had a Thai boyfriend, and I got hints while with her that made me uncomfortable. So when I left the next morning I never looked back.

Na was a bit of honey from the Rafifi gogo bar on Patpong 2. December 27, 1996.

Chiangmai Dancer - Jen stayed at her parent's home in Kampaengphet from November of 1996 until about June of 1997. I am virtually certain that at some point during this interval I went to Chiang Mai and got laid there. But I can't for the life of me remember why I went to Chiang Mai, or exactly when.

Chuay means help in Thai. Chuay is the sister of Saitong, who owns Apache Bar. She spent the night of March 22, 1997 with me. It was somewhere around this time that I began to realize that I was in love with Tong, so sleeping with Tong' sister was kind of kinky, like it was as close as I could get to her. Chuay is living in Tong's village now, and she's still cute.

Song means two in Thai. She was a cute little Apache. She spent the night of May 10, 1997 with me.

Chaliew was the cleaning lady at Apache. She spent the night of July 6, 1997 with me. She and I fired up again at the end of 1998 for a few weeks. Later we lived together for a year. Later we got together again and had a baby. More about Chaliew

Kung and Kao were two ladies from the Farang Connection gogo bar. They spent the night of August 18, 1997 with me. They both wanted to go with me, and I had the money, so what the heck. Before going to sleep I fucked one of them while the second looked on. Upon waking up I fucked the other one while the first went to the bathroom. I don't remember which order they came in. A double night.

Saitong, the owner of Apache gogo bar, finally decided On October 20, 1997 that her staff had had me enough and it was time to try me out herself. So she spent the night with me. One thing led to another and we spent a good part of 1998 together. More about Saitong ...

For my 50th birthday, July 28, 1998, I woke up in a hotel in Bangkok. Tong came by and we made love. Then I flew to Khonkaen. I took Jen and the kids out for dinner, and that night Jen and I made love. My fiftieth birthday present from God was to make love to both of my two girlfriends on the same day. It was something that I will be able to remember for the next fifty years. I loved both of them.

In August of 1998 I spent the weekend with Tong in Pattaya, and when I returned to Banphai, Jen found out about it. When Jen found out I had a mia noi the shit really hit the fan.

On November 21, 1998 Tong had invited me to visit her parents in Buriram. But I ran out of money and she stayed drunk all the time and acted like a spoiled brat. I walked away from her. A month later on Saturday night December 26 I saw Tong again. Her heart was OK but her ego was hurt. She wanted to keep me but she didn't want to make love to me so I wandered next door to the Five Star Bar. There a brown happy face took me and warmed me and wanted to go home with me, but I declined. The next evening I found out that the happy face was Chaliew, and I took her to a hotel room and let the pain pour out of my soul. Chaliew is a wonderful sweet teddy bear, but unfortunately she has about the same IQ as a teddy bear. Night time she's great; day time there's nothing there. So after a few tries I realized that we would never be able to be partners and I stopped sleeping with her.

In mid February 1999 Jen went to Kampaengphet to give birth; Mary Canfield was born on March 2, 1999. Jen never came back, except once at the start of April, in a ten wheel truck, to pick up her things.

When you go see a lady in a bar, you have to buy a drink for her, and you have to buy a drink for her best friend. In the winter of 1998/99, I was seeing Chaliew at Five Star Bar. The best friend was named "Aw". Aw and I became friends in that winter, became lovers in the springtime, got married (and divorced) in later years. More about Aw

See worked at Eve House for years, and has given me a traditional Thai massage many times. In the afternoon of January 27, 2000, the traditional Thai massage led to something even more traditional.

Three years later I stopped by Eve House and asked the boss where See was. She told me that See had died, six months earlier, of AIDS. I was sorry to hear that. Of course my immediate though was "Did I catch it from her?" But I was sure I did not. During the intervening three years I had had blood tests many times and they had always come up negative. So I am certain that I did not catch it from See. I wonder if See knew at the time that she had it. I wonder if See wanted to give it to me. I don't know. I hope she made love to me out of affection.

The original version of this web page was posted on my Laonet site years ago. I updated it when anything changed. The page ends like this:

As of February 2001 I am still living with Aw. But it looks like she's getting ready to move on. As the Buddha said, nothing lasts forever. My intention is for Aw to be my last "wife", the last woman who lives with me. I may visit the bars in Bangkok once in a while, I may not, but I've ridding the emotional roller coaster long enough that I'd like to step off and rest for a while. I don't know how many are in the list above, just over sixty I think. That's enough.

I had told Aw that she was the last lady that I would bring to Banphai to live with me. And, remarkably, that is still true in 2007. I live with Chaliew in Roiet. I live with Noi in Banphai, but I did not bring Noi to Banphai, Noi was already living in Banphai.

My son Richard was born on April 23, 2003. For a month before that, and at least two month after that, his mother Aw did not have sex. After three months of forced celebacy I decided that I needed to get laid. But I respected Aw's choice not to have sex. So I started looking elsewhere.

Toe came to my hotel room in Phnom Penh, Cambodia during my visa run in September of 2003. Actually, my friend Alex had a lady who had a sister, and the four of us had dinner together. They wanted to know if I would let the sister sleep with me that night. I couldn't even figure out which was for Alex and which was for me. But I finally said "OK". We picked up the room keys at the front desk, and went up in the elevator. I walked down the hall past Alex's room, and as I got to my room I looked back to see which of the two ladies would follow me, and which would stay with Alex. I got the one named "Toe". She didn't speak any English or any Thai; only Vietnamese and some Cambodian. We did it; then we slept. We woke up and did it again; then we slept. I woke up again, and I pulled the blanket off of her beautiful naked body. She said "NOW?". To this day I don't know if she meant the English word which means at this time, or the Thai word which means cold, or some Vietnamese or Cambodian word which would mean something entirely different. In the morning gave her fifty dollars and she left. Overpriced, I'm sure, but I was grateful to her for breaking Aw's monopoly on my sex life.

Floating Restaurant Lady - The following Thursday Alex and his guide and me were having lunch in one of the infamous floating restaurants near Phnom Penh. I found somebody it was nice to hold. She finally dragged me into the private room and we did something. We didn't go "all the way", but I flipped a coin and she gets a mention in this page anyway.

About this time I started to notice a problem. When I was seducing a lady, or being seduced by her, I spent more time thinking about this web page than I did thinking about her. "Excuse me, what's your name? I'm keeping a list, readable by Internet users all over the planet, and I need your name." I never said that, but I was thinking it.

After I got back to Thailand there were several opportunities. One time I got picked up by a gal on Soi Cowboy, in the afternoon, but we couldn't mesh. I couldn't get hard enough, or she didn't really want it, or something. Close, but no cigar.

Honorable mention goes to Nit. Nit worked in the G-string bar at Nana Plaza. She was a waitress, not a dancer. She has a very cute smile. I took her out a couple of times in early December. Two years later I took her out a few times again. But I never got my thing inside her thing. She would not do it without a condom, and I would not do it with a condom. She had a nearly perfect body, no children yet, firm good boobs with tiny little nipples. Felt magnificent. But no going in. I am sure she has a commitment. Whether that commitment is to a Thai boyfriend or a farang boyfriend or to a religion or to her mother, I don't know. But I could never get past that commitment, so I finally gave up trying.

Pat - Wow. Pat was an on-again, off-again partner (and mutual enjoyment) for a few years. More about Pat....

Ngoc - July 17, 2005, on a visa run to Laos. I was living with two ladies; Chaliew in Roiet and Aw in Banphai. I promised to be faithful to them, to have sex with no other lady except those two. Then, a week later, I was in Savannakhet. The Mekong Hotel had a massage service and the girls were available. Ngoc was a Vietnamese hooker. Her mother and father and son live in Saigon. She has worked in Thailand; maybe Phuket. She says that the mafia controls the business there. I don't know how she wound up in Savannakhet, which was a real backwater town at the time. Maybe she flunked a lab test. She had worked for three or four months in Savanakhet. Seems to me to be a sort of fringe place to get stuck in. We sat outside and talked for a while. Then she ran off somewhere and I went to bed. Later she phoned me and asked if I wanted a massage and I said "yes".

She came in and started; Lao-style, with cream on my back. I removed my sleeper pants so she could massage my butt also. Then she rolled me over and started playing with something between my legs. Must have liked it. Suddenly she gets up, turns the lights off, and takes off all her clothes. She applies her north end to my south end, so I apply my north end to her south end, and we both feel good. Then we reorient and go south to south. With a condom. I give her a thousand baht and she acts overpaid. She insists that I must come back in one month. I plan to get a Thai tourist visa and come back in three months, but she insists on one month. Pretty face only when wearing makeup; nice body.

So much for my promises of fidelity, eh? I liked her, and she liked me, so we bang-banged. Maybe part of me heard what I was promising, and said "Oh no! I gotta break out of this!" I have avoided making any similar promise since then. During that trip I logged all my expenses, and there is an entry in my notebook that reads "Donation to the Society for Unwed Mothers of Saigon: 1,000 baht". That was her.

Noi was a friendly athletic girl from Banphai. She was probably the first lady I've had sex with in ten years who had NOT been a member of the Nighttime Personal Entertainment Industry. She was 38, getting along in years, the oldest lady I'd banged with since I left Grace. I lived with her in Banphai (while living with Chaliew in Roiet). Noi did NOT speak English and had no desire to learn. For the first time in my life I lived with a lady that actually came from the town we lived in. So she had a whole network of friends that took up her time instead of me. And there were repeated reports that she was screwing around with other men. I finally dumped her. More about Noi...

Ael was a friend of Aw, my ex-wife. When I went to the bar to see Aw, I met Ael. Her name in Thai is "แอ๋ว", she was number 75 at Sheba bar. I left to go visit Five Star. A couple of hours later I returned to Sheba to see Ael. She said to me "I very very drunk. Pay bar for me." She was so drunk I wondered if she could walk. Eventually I got curious about what would happen, what could happen, in my hotel room, so I paid her bar fine and we left.

It was gruesome. Sometimes I like to lick pussy; I licked her pussy. She liked it so much, and she was so drunk, that every time I pushed her off she got up and sat on my face again. She did that for an hour. Finally I managed to get her to sleep. Aw recommended her; I don't.

The next morning she packed her bag and collected a thousand baht and went away. Sometimes being very good at something can be a big problem.

Fig was the first Lao lady I ever went inside, not counting Bangkok hookers of unknown origin. I fell in love with Fig, but unfortunately Fig was already in love, with methamphetamine hydrochloride. So I had to throw her out. I could afford to feed her body, but not her drug habit. More about Fig

Sue-see was an experiment. Sue-see can not talk. I wondered what it would be like to spend the night with a lady who could not talk. It was interesting. More about Sue-see

Well, if you've reached here, you've got a question in your mind. We're up to 73 now. More than average, but less than Mick Jaggar.

Each of the ladies on this page was important to me. If you are one of the ladies on this page, please e-mail me at - Thanks.