Andy Canfield
Information Management Systems

The best way to contact me is by electronc mail. My e-mail address is I used to be on gmail, but when they announced that all Google services feed into a single database, I moved to Yandex. When Ed Snowden revealed that all your gmail mail is being read by the US NSA, I was clear. All my (unencrypted) e-mail to Yandex is being read by the Russian KGB, but the KGB and the NSA don't talk to each other so nobody knows everything.

Get youself a copy of gpg, the OpenPGP encryption and signing tool. Generate your own encryption key pair of at least 2048 bits and send me your public key. Download my PGP public key and we can exchange encrypted messages that nobody, not the NSA or the KGB or anybody else can read.

My post office address is
  แอนดี แคนฟิลด์
  635/35 หมู่ที 1, ถนนเจนจบภิศ
  ตำบลในเมือง, อำเภอบ้านไผ่
  จังหวัดขอนแก่น, 40110, ประเทศไทย

If you absolutely need an address in English characters, you can try this:
  Andy Canfield
  635/35 M 1 Jenjobtit Rd
  Naimuang Banphai
  Khonkaen 40110 Thailand
Do NOT send originals to this English address; things get lost sometimes. The best you can do is print Address.gif and tape it onto your envelope.

If you want to send me money, please put it into my Krungsri bank account:

Bank Name:Krungsri Bank, Thailand
Swift code:(none)
Branch:Banphai, Khonkaen
Account Name:Andrew Jay Canfield
Account Type:Savings
Account Number:316-1-17075-6

If you are in Thailand you can withdraw cash out of your account, then deposit the cash into my account at any branch of Krungsri Bank. There will be no electronic record of where it came from. As far as I know the bank will will accept any currency and automatically convert it into Thai Baht. Thank you very much.

I used to be on Facebook, but no more. Send me an e-mail.

My telephone number is 08 8909 3749 (from outside Thailand, use +66 8 8909 3749). On the phone please speak English.

This information is also on my web site at I am committed to keeping that site up-to-date. Note that there is no email service there; my email address is as shown above,

Thank you.